Founded in 2005 in France, AQM Group is an international company and a fast-growing leading service provider for the fashion and textile industry. Today AQM open its CSR and training services to other industries such as DIY, hardware, E&E, food processing, etc.

AQM core activity is to secure and improve the supply chain of the major European brands and retailers, from the largest general retailers to the highest apparel luxury brands.

Through its network of eight branches in Asia and three main sales offices in France, Spain and Holland, AQM Group provides a full range of services from the farms to the shops . Delivering social and environmental audits, testing, training, quality control inspections and production follow up, we measure our customers’ performance against Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards and ensure global best practice within their supply chain.

Thanks to our high quality service our customers supply chain is not only enhanced but sustainable.

Within the last 5 years, AQM Group has become one of the leading companies in CSR services in Europe, especially for the fashion Industry. Being the leader of Environmental factory audits, gives us the ambition to make AQM a key actor in the industry coming changes, and we believe it goes with a serious trainings offer.


Come and make the journey with us!

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