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Founded in France in 2005,  Eurofins | AQM is the alternative to general inspection companies.

Eurofins | AQM has developed customised processes in order to be as close as possible to its customers’ quality requirements. Thanks to its tailor-made solutions, Eurofins | AQM has very quickly gained the confidence of well-known European fashion and accessory brands.

Since 2005, the Eurofins | AQM teams have put their expertise and textile knowledge together to guide their customers. AQM offers various quality services such as factory inspectionsinspections centers, textile lab tests, audit and even an online solution to evaluate suppliers.

Today AQM is an international medium sized enterprise with more than 280 employees and is present in the main textile producing countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar. and Ethiopia. In the future, Eurofins | AQM intends to maintain a rational growth pace in order to keep its quality of service, whilst regularly offering its customers new services and areas of operation.

                 Textile quality control is a matter for specialists

Renowned expertise in the fashion and textile industry

Renowned expertise in the fashion and textile industry

A perfect comprehension of your needs


Over the years, we have become specialists in Fashion and Textile items; we have acquired a sophisticated understanding of quality issues in this industry.

Today, this expertise allows us to offer our customers answers which are adapted to their most specific needs. We have adapted solutions for each of your products, whether fabrics, clothing or even accessories.


A unique know-how


The fashion and textile industry requires a very specific expertise with regard to quality needs and their often subjective character.


Our teams on-site give extra attention to details. They are made up of experienced textile specialists who clearly understand all the quality control criteria (feel, colour...).

Customised services and follow-up

Customised processes      


The Eurofins | AQM teams adapt themselves to each organisation for a perfect integration of quality services in the supply chain. Our solutions offer a total flexibility concerning schedules, form of the report or even choice of tests to be conducted.


Follow-up and customised advice


An administrative team is dedicated to the follow-up of your project, which is your assurance of a quick answer to all your questions. Assigned close to the operational teams, it offers an almost-immediate feedback, thanks to constant operational monitoring.


The managerial team is composed of renowned quality textile professionals who remain at our customers’ disposal. They are available by email or phone and can advise you on quality approach or answer more technical questions.

Reactive teams for high-quality service

Booking is easy


Book easily 48 hours in advance via email, by phone or via our online application. Our teams will manage the rest and contact your factory directly, to deal with the formalities.


A report received the same day at no extra cost


A complete analysis sent the same day as the inspection or test, will bring the required answers to enable a prompt decision. In case of any questions, our teams are available until midnight, local time.


Meeting us


Our counterparts located in France and the Netherland are at your disposal to work out a plan of action with you, in order to better cater to your needs.

International presence

Present throughout Asia and close to your suppliers, Eurofins | AQM relies on facilities located in strategic production areas. Their proximity with suppliers offers more transparency and guarantees a correct and precise vision of the quality of your goods and supplier.


Our counterparts located in France and the Netherlands are at your disposal to establish a plan of action with you, in order to better cater to your needs.