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If social risk control has become an absolute requirement for western brands and retailers for many years now, the environmental impact of their manufacturing process is also becoming a growing concern. Influenced by NGOs such as Green Peace or the Zero Discharge Campaign, international brands have set up a number of improvement initiatives in that field. However, the majority of suppliers still ignore that their activity affects the environment and are not aware of the risks generated by a lack on environmental management system.


In order to respond to the need of some of our customers, we have worked closely with experts in environmental issues and have developed an Environmental Audit service which is equally well suitable to brands’ requirements and factories’ capacities on the ground.


AQM’s audit grid evaluates the factory on 9 performance areas covering the same environmental themes as those defined by the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) such as the “environmental management system” criteria which is based on the ISO 14001 standard.  The rating system is a system of level rating based on the model proposed by the GSCP’s tools. 




The audit developed by AQM provides more than a mere evaluation of your supplier. It will allow you to see if the factory complies with your expectations/requirements in terms of environmental risks control and environmental management system. In addition, you will help the factory, via AQM, to get better by providing a follow-up service and advice.


The strength of our service is based on the preparation prior to the audit. Indeed, AQM adapts its questionnaire to the factory's industry and  country and evaluates its the environmental knowledge. According to those first results, a training session can be conducted prior to the audit in order to give the factory the tools to achieve a sufficient audit result (level 1) for the first audit…


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