AQM is now present in Hanoï, Vietnam

AQM has been providing its services in Vietnam for some years now. However, up until now, we were operating in southern Vietnam from our Cambodian office and in north of the country from our Shanghai office.


Given the development of new destination for textile sourcing and the potential of Vietnam among those destinations, we decided to go a step further by opening our own office in Vietnam, in Hanoi. Thanks to this office, we are closer to textile factories and we are able to support all our customers in this area.


Therefore, Pauline and her team provide inspection and audit services in Vietnam, with a quality which remains the same as in other AQM’s offices. They all master the specificities of that country and are ideal points of contact if you need to produce in Vietnam.


The members of our local team are already ready to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact them if you want an inspection, an audit or even more information about our services and the specificities of textile manufacturing in Vietnam.