The AQM's laboratory extends the range of available tests

Since 2013, AQM is able to realize a multitude of technical tests on your textiles, especially regarding the dimensional stability, the pilling and the resistance of colors.  


Today, AQM’s laboratory textile continues to innovate: it now have the capacity to conduct two new tests. Undertaking those two tests allows you to win the satisfaction of your customers who will trust in the quality of your textiles.


New tests available:


  • Corrosion resistance test of metallic accessories: BS EN ISO 22775:2004


The China AQM Laboratory can provide you a detailed review of the behavior of your textile’s metallic accessories by assessing their sensitivity to corrosion. This test guarantees the aestheticism of your items and ensures the durability of metallic accessories.


  • Determination of the wetting resistance: ISO 4920:2012


Your supplier used a water repellent treatment on your textiles?  You can now control its efficiency by testing its water penetration and wetting resistance in our lab.


If you want to learn more about those new tests, do not hesitate to contact our lab team.