The Spanish textile trade went up by 7.7% in 2015

The Spanish textile trade celebrates a good year 2015. According to the Textile Trade in Figures 2015 report, presented by Acotex this morning in Madrid, the textile sector in Spain gained a total of 17,743 billed million euros, 7.7 % more than in 2014, thus numbers help drawing an upward line from the critical year 2013, in which the sector bottomed out (billed 15,850 million euros).


The evolution of the number of workers in textile establishments also grew, reaching a total of 193,829 jobs, 3.17% more than in 2014, which had also increased by 1% compared with 2013. The turnover development by employees grew to 91,539 euros, 4.40% more than in 2014. The number of outlets also evolved positively. In 2015 there were 61,387 stores specializing in textile, 2.30% more than in 2014.


The evolution of household spending on textiles was also notable. The annual expenditure per household textile intended in 2015 was 1,223 euros, 7.47% more than in 2014, in which the expenditure was 1,138 euros, 2.61% more than in 2013.


The distribution of turnover by commercial format was distributed as follows. The leading textile distribution remain specialized chains with 31.8% of the commercial pie, followed by hyper / supermarkets with 24.3%, multi-brand stores with 19.9%, factory / outlet with 15.1% and finally, department stores with 8.9%.


If we analyze the evolution of these sales, we can notice that the last year evolution has been fairly flat, with positive growth of one tenth in specialized chains, two tenths in multi-brand shops, and a tenth in factory / outlets. Super and hypermarkets decreased three tenths, while department stores do in a tenth.

In shopping centers, textile national turnover reached 17,743 million euros, representing 41.57% of the total turnover of textiles in Spain.

In the chapter dedicated to the commercial formula of the franchise, the study says that in 2015 operated in Spain 204 franchised teach, the same as in 2014. Of these, 60 are specialized in women's fashion, 49 fashion / accessories, 33 fashion for child-youth, 19 in mixed generic fashion, 17 in lingerie, 12 in men's fashion, 7 in fashion and arrangements and 7 in bridal fashion. Comparing the number of establishments that have shut, in 2015 61 fashion franchises closed counting 7,878, compared to 7,939 in 2014. Leading the ranking establishments specializing in women's fashion (2,139), fashion and accessories (1,709) and child / youth fashion (1,595).


Distribution of textile based billing subsectors

According to the latest data Acotex, the bulk of the textile turnover in Spain was spent on womenswear (37.2% of total). Next in importance menswear spending (32.1% of total), home fashion (17.5%) and children (13.2%) fashion. In all these subsectors evolution has been flat, the highest raise has been menswear.

The importance of ecommerce

Trade in clothing was one of the activities with the highest turnover in e-commerce in Spain. Specifically, the textile sector is ranked number three in the rankings, after the business generated by travel agencies (19.6%) and air transport (14.3%).