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Eurofins | AQM is an international company (France, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Birmanie) which provides quality inspections and audits (social, environmental, and technical) to famous brands. We believe that the best services run on the best web platforms and this is the reason why we decided to invest in new technologies. We have our own tech team which is developing amazing web software in order to lead our company to a new level.


Eurofins | AQM performed 30 000 inspections and audits last year and is on a steady growth from year to year. Therefore our project is getting bigger, the scope is expanding, and on the overall everything becomes more and more interesting!


The IT team is composed of 4 persons: 3 developers, and a project manager. As the team is fairly small, you will have to be a multi-task person, and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.




You are ready to handle the following tasks:

  • users’ needs of our application according toarchitecture- Build with the team the 

  • code and tests- Write Java + JavaScript 

  • Participate in software development process


You will play and are a master in:

  • Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit

  • jQuery, knockout.js, datatables.js

  • MySQL, Amazon cloud

  • git, server maintenance



  • English & Java- are fluent in            

  • well-written code           

  • appreciate the beauty of are perfectionist in your code writing and consider the end-user experience



Job description

  • Office in Shanghai, in the headquarters of AQM

  • Agile methodologies (SCRUM methodology)

  • Flexible hours (but we like to finish our projects on time!)

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • No micro-management, we like autonomous developers


As a Senior Software Developer, you will be responsible for writing documented and clean, maintainable code. You should know data management, keep the architecture of the application clean (coding guide rule, design patterns), and discuss of the best implementations of features with the team.


You should have, after a while, a good understanding of the business of Eurofins | AQM. As the team is in direct contact with the end users it is your responsibility to understand the needs and the problems of the users and be proactive in your coding approach. You will closely, along with the project manager and the end users, design the project.


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