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[2-min read] How well prepared are you to implement COVID-19 prevention measures in the factory?

In this article we give you an insight of the tools provided in our online course platform to prepare factories to resume production as safely and quickly as possible.

Tool 1: a free quiz to test your knowledge about the COVID-19 prevention measures in the workplace

The starting point of any learning experience is the assessment of the learner's current knowledge about the topic! This is why Eurofins | AQM has created a free quiz with more than 30 questions about the COVID-19 prevention measures in the workplace.

Questions are around key aspects of COVID-19 safety such as factory entrance protocol, cleaning and disinfection activities, training & continual communication plan for the workers. 

Tool 2: the video presentation of 12 topics related to COVID-19 prevention measures

The 12 topics addressed in the online course are:

  • Module 1: Introduction about the virus

  • Module 2: Premises disinfection

  • Module 3: Adapt the workforce to the need

  • Module 4: Adapt the factory layout

  • Module 5: Factory entrance protocol

  • Module 6: Receipt and storage of goods and materials

  • Module 7: Daily Health & Safety and cleaning practices in the factory

  • Module 8: Workers transportation

  • Module 9: Action plan in case a person is or might be infected

  • Module 10: Employee awareness and training

  • Module 11: Governance & key documentation

  • Module 12: Countries local regulations & guidelines














Tool 3: Quiz questions with detailed explanation to assess what you have learnt throughout the 12 chapters

The quiz questions are included in the online course.

Tool 4: the fact-sheets and checklists


Upon successful completion of the 12 training chapters and related quizzes, participants will receive a certificate and be able to download the fact-sheets, checklists and self-assessment tool. The Toolbox is highly practical and allows staff to put knowledge into action. 

















Fact sheets

  1. Instructions for workers during self-quarantine (Home quarantine)

  2. How to wear a mask correctly - DO's and DON'Ts

  3. EPA’s approved active ingredient(s) disinfectants that are effective against COVID-19

  4. How to wear a mask

  5. Public announcement - guideline and proposed template to customize

  6. Measures to ensure social distancing self-assessment in a garment factory



  1. Premises cleaning and disinfection checklist

  2. List of employees working from home

  3. Awareness and communication checklist

  4. Factory entrance protocol checklist

  5. Employee temperature check protocol checklist


Tool 5: the self-assessment tool

The learner will be able to download the self-assessment at the end of the course.
The self-assessment chapters are:

  1. Readiness for reopening and legal compliance

  2. Infection disease preparedness and response plan

  3. Implementation of preventive measures and workplace controls

  4. Policies and procedures if any employee is suspected to be infected

  5. Employee awareness and training

  6. Business continuity plan