Eurofins | AQM values

Eurofins | AQM provides to its customers impartial, independent, objective and expert services such as quality inspection and audit by:

  • Providing and Maintaining high expertise/professionalism of its employees/partners

  • Keeping the organization independent from buying agencies, trading companies, and factories

  • Allocating Eurofins | AQM resources exclusively based on needed skills and availabilities,

  • Refusing any kind of consultancy service for factories, supplier or buying agency.

  • Insuring the confidentiality of data (such as factories’ performances, factories database, confidential customer/factories information, inspection/audit reports…)

  • Applying a Zero Tolerance Policy in term of integrity and ethics


Though its Human Resources Policy, Eurofins | AQM and its subsidiaries develop internal promotion and facilitate the personal career development of all employees.


Any inspector/auditor/manager who operates on behalf of Eurofins | AQM or its subsidiaries should commit himself with Eurofins | AQM Code of Ethics which focus on:

  • Anti-corruption

  • Confidentiality

  • Anti-fraud

  • Transparency

Every Eurofins | AQM employee/partner will be regularly evaluated on his adhesion to Eurofins | AQM Integrity Policy. Also, employees/partners are encouraged to provide feedback about any kind of incident that could happen while operating.


The Department Process, Ethics & Quality is in charge to deploy Eurofins | AQM Integrity Policy, perform regular training sessions and implement the necessary control procedures to ensure its daily application. This Department can terminate a working contract if any strong pieces of evidence of a violation of Eurofins | AQM Integrity Policy.

Any kind of complains, appeals, feedback from customers, Eurofins | AQM employees/partners, factories, suppliers, buying agency will be directly managed, investigated and recorded by this department, independently from The Operations Department.

Moreover, Eurofins | AQM’ s commercial and marketing strategy is based on transparency, fair marketing, and antitrust competition.

Impartiality and integrity

Statement of impartiality and integrity