The story behind AQM : 
Important dates


AQM joins Eurofins, becoming Eurofins | AQM

In July 2019, AQM has been acquired by Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (CPT), and is renamed as Eurofins | AQM. The acquisition will enable Eurofins | AQM in bringing more comprehensive quality and compliance solutions to not only fashion brands and retailers, but other consumer products.


Expanded in Ethiopia and Portugal

Starting from April 2018, we are capable to deliver product inspection and social/ environmental audits in Ethiopia and Portugal with well-trained local auditors.


Opening of AQM Vietnam & Myanmar

In September 2015, we set up AQM operations in Vietnam to follow the shift in sourcing of apparel and footwear. 

Two months earlier, we also established our operations in Myanmar.


Opening of our textile laboratory

We have been doing different physical testing of garment during inspection for customers. To cope with increasing demands, we have set up our own textile laboratory in Shanghai.


New management

Benoit Aubet joined AQM as a partner, bringing in his rich experience, knowledge and network in the industry to the fast-growing company.


Set-up of operations in Turkey

AQM now operates in Turkey, a new sourcing hub of ready-made garment for European market.


Relocation of headquarters to Shanghai

In order to deliver maximum responsiveness, AQM has moved its base from France to Shanghai, China.


First quality control inspection center

We have set up our first-ever inspection center in India for clients. Our inspection centers are set up directly at warehourse designated by clients, offering speedy inspection and reporting. It was the first-of-its-kind development in Asia at that time.

       We work hand in hand to make your quality our priority

        AQM’s ethic is to maintain reasoned growth for a quality of service commensurate with our customers’ expectations

Benoit Aubet - CEO


Creation of AQM

The story began when the founders of AQM realised that distributors in their home town had a lot of problems with the quality of their Asian imports, despite the solutions already in place.


In order to cater to this, Alexandre Godvin and Grégoire Prouvost,  two Polytechnic Lille engineers, created Asia Quality Management with the support of Innotex (Incubator of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textile).


AQM aims to provide much more than a simple check, thanks to a textile expertise coupled with a precise understanding of end consumer behaviour. Therefore, AQM offers buyers tangible help in the decision-making process.