Tests to guarantee the quality of your textile over time


Textile buyers are required to monitor the quality of their merchandise in laboratory, due to the constraints of the market and to the ever-growing consumer demand. Quality control companies usually offer a standardized service, little adapted to the specification of textile products.


Eurofins | AQM was convinced that a different service could be offered; therefore it decided to launch its own textile laboratory. Flexibility and reactivity became the two leitmotivs of this new structure, created and directed towards the consumer experience and true usage conditions. 

Our Solutions


Internally, we conduct every type of physical tests on textile and here is a non- exhaustive list:


  • Determination of the twisting/spirality after washing

  • Determination of the maximum force of rupture

  • Determination of the resistance to tear propagation

  • Determination of the resistance to seam slippage

  • Pilling (pilling box)

  • Pilling (Martindale)

  • Abrasion

  • Dimensional stability to domestic washing/drycleaning

  • Colour-fastness to domestic and industrial washing

  • Colour-fastness to wet and dry rubbing

  • Appearance after washing

  • Weight

  • Traction tests on accessories (buttons, zippers…)

100% textile laboratory

Eurofins | AQM has conducted physical tests in inspection centers for renowned European distributors, over many years. Today, it offers a series of laboratory tests, designed for textile.


Advice and customisation are the hallmarks of this service. It is additional to the quality control inspections and aims to ensure consumer satisfaction throughout the life of the product.


We have established a solid partnership with a laboratory specialised in chemical testing. It can conduct all the chemical tests relating to the respect of regulatory compliance (REACH, CPSIA, GB…).


We have negotiated special rates for you and you will only have one AQM contact person for all your physical and chemical tests. 

Our commitment to you



We respond precisely to your expectations whether you want customized tests or tests following the ISO standards. 

Remain in control of your delays by choosing to receive your results within 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours. Our teams will adapt to your needs.



Sample and test packaging are conducted in a normal atmosphere (20°C temperature and 65% relative humidity).

The tests machines are regularly calibrated; comparative tests with other laboratories take place regularly to guarantee the exactitude of the results.

The laboratory teams are at your disposal each day via email or by phone, to advise you and answer all your questions. We speak English, French and Chinese.

Your Benefits

The quality of your raw materials is guaranteed

Any defects in your raw materials are detected, to make any necessary adjustments, prior to production.

This way, you guarantee your customers that your textile products will age well over time, whilst being reassured that they reflect the quality of your brand.

Benefit from a well-adapted process

The laboratory is made up of equipment adapted to home textiles, fabrics and clothing in order to respond to the particularities of each market.

We have an adapted process, whatever the weave, construction, structure or even composition of your fabric and knitwear.

Reduce your risks

Comply with current market regulations and textile standards, thanks to the monitoring of your textiles.

This enables you to protect the end consumer and ensure the irreproachable quality of your merchandise.

Our Edges

Textile experts

The Eurofins | AQM team in charge of the laboratory is highly qualified. All its members have developed textile expertise over a number of years.

A clear consumer vision coupled with a precise technical knowledge, allow our experts to conduct series of tests precision and to advise customers with professionalism.

A unique approach on the market

The laboratory has been conceived and geared towards the consumer experience. It conducts tests under real usage conditions. Those tests are adapted to ISO, NFG and AATCC standards tests.

This way and thanks to a detailed report sent out within 48 hours, the customer obtains a complete view of the behaviour of its garment.


The laboratory team accompanies its customers over the long-term: from the definition of their expectations, to the analysis of the results.

In order to adhere to brands’ and distribution markets’ specific needs, tests conducted are customised and carried out within the deadline requested by the customer.


The laboratory is located in China close to your suppliers, and offers short deadlines. It adapts itself to its customers’ agenda for optimum reactivity.

The results are sent to you within 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours (from the reception of the sample) depending upon your needs. 

Your Questions

How do I book a laboratory test?

Just let us know your needs by email or by phone.

Our teams of textile experts will contact you as soon as possible, to define the test procedures needed according to your specific needs.



+86 (0) 21 6090 7615 - 8011 

How will the tests be conducted?

The laboratory is equipped with high-performance tools (Martindale, Lighting box…) that are compliant with ISO, NFG and AATCC standards. Temperature and humidity conditions are also standardised (20°C- 65%RH).

What tests should I choose?

Our teams of textile experts are at your disposal and ready to advise you on the tests required, in relation to your product and its specifications.

This way, you remain in control of your costs, by carrying out only the tests that are useful and necessary.

What size sample should I send you?

Refer to the table below to define the size of sample necessary, according to the tests to be conducted.

What guarantee the reliability of the test?

Result replication tests, as well as comparison tests with other laboratories take place regularly, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the services offered.

What will I receive?

Receive your detailed and commented report via email, presenting all the tests conducted in relation to your specifications and needs. The report will supply you with a precise answer to your questions.