Monthly Newsletter (April 2020)

Monthly's Highlight

Eurofins AQM launches Workspace Health Solutions for COVID-19

The Solutions, consisting of online learning, self-assessment toolbox and on-site assessment, is designed to help factories resuming operations safely with protection for workers and business continuity. Watch the briefing webinar here to understand how we can support you.


What Will the Post-Coronavirus Supply Chain Look Like?

This is the time that there is a real need to appreciate those efforts, and understand that there is a choice in front of us. Do we look for a landscape where we have preserved and help save—whether through a small order or partial payment or receipt of product—those partners that have shared our values and are doing the right things or do we contribute to a landscape where the options are limited to producers who do not pay wages or operate in ways that are fundamentally unsafe or inhumane. Read more …

Editor's Picks

Missed our educational webinars on environmental subjects?

We have prepared a series of free webinars on some of the environmental issues that are critical in consumer products production, particularly for textile and leather products, in April. Retrieve presentation files and recording here!

Editor's Picks
A wide suite of services by Eurofins Group against COVID-19

From COVID-19 diagonsis, surface testing to medical PPE testing, Eurofins Group offers comprehensive support to everyone in the world in this battle. Learn more about the support at Eurofins Group website

Regulatory Updates
  • European Commission postpones application of the Medical Devices Regulation [Read more]

  • Security requirements for bunk beds in France [Read more]