Monthly Newsletter (January 2020)

Monthly's Highlight

Sharing from APSCA Annual General Meeting 

The Eurofins | AQM team participated in the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) in Shenzhen on 11th December 2019. At the meeting, Eurofins | AQM was recognized as one of the 10 firms that have completed the membership process. In addition, APSCA introduced the first 41 auditors to attain the status of Certified Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA). 

At the meeting, APSCA leadership presented priorities for 2020 including the completion of membership consideration for all participating firms beyond the group of 10 that were presented and the completion of the initial qualification process for all experienced auditors in China, and further progress in English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets. APSCA will also be working to expand the testing regiment to include additional languages to expand the geographic coverage of the auditor certification element of the organization’s mission. You can read the full 2019 report from APSCA on their achievement.
In the coming months, the Eurofins | AQM team will be moving auditors through the testing regiment to attain CSCA status – providing further assurance to the market related to the professional qualifications of individual practitioners. Look forward to the announcement on this from us soon!

Success Story

Bespoke environmental assessment training from Eurofins | AQM helps client successfully perform
on-site assessment of a paper mill 

Building on its expertise in environmental audits for the textile and footwear industries, Eurofins | AQM has developed a customised training course for a firm tasked with conducting an environmental assessment of a paper mill. The training was formulated to comprehensively address the customer’s key concerns and equip the business with the know-how to conduct the on-site assessment effectively. Read more ...

Editor's Picks

New Food Assurance business bringing one-stop-shop services to food and feed industry

Riding on the leading position of Eurofins in Food and Feed Industry, we are proud to bring Food Assurance services to primary producer, manufacturers to retailers and distributors. The business offers a unique line of assurance services such as auditing, certification, training and consulting, including labelling services for international market access. Eurofins Food Assurance takes advantage of global synergies and will further expand its geographical coverage in 2020. Visit or follow their LinkedIn for more details!

Editor's Picks

Q1 classroom training in South Asia is out!

Are you looking for ways to improve your supply chain? We are now offering selected courses on chemical management, wastewater/ effluent treatment plant (ETP) management, environmental awareness plus health & safety in three key garment manufacturing cities, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Karachi (Pakistan) and Tiruppur (India). Check out the course details and fees at our Event section!

Regulatory Updates
  • Brexit update | Softlines and Leather (Read more)

  • Alignment of Swiss and European legislation for toys (Read more)