Discover Eurofins | AQM’s services



Benefit from a 360° view of the quality of your merchandise and its packaging

Inspection centers

Optimise your monitoring with a structure specifically dedicated to your brand

Give your customers the guarantee that their products will age well


Technical and social audits

Receive a precise evaluation of your suppliers, from a technical, social and safety point of view

Make sure your supplier controls its environmental impact and has an environmental management system

Environmental audit

Empower your employee and workers at factories for continuous improvement

CSR Training 

Access to your schedule, reports and statistics in only a few clicks

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The end consumer is becoming increasingly demanding with regard to the quality and conditions in which its clothing is produced: devoid of any defects, perfectly cut and made in a factory that respects work ethics. The purchased item must respect all of those criteria.


For a supplier or a textile brand, bad quality can have a considerable impact on finances and image. Avoiding and anticipating such a situation is a buyer's primary objective.


Eurofins | AQM helps its customers to identify any disparity between the final product and their specifications. At the production site, we assess the production capacity and the working standards of factories.