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Bespoke environmental assessment training from Eurofins | AQM helps client successfully perform on-site assessment of a paper mill 

Eurofins | AQM equips customer with the knowledge and skills required to effectively assess the environmental performance of mills in the pulp and paper industry

Eurofins | AQM has designed a two-day classroom training course on environmental assessment in the pulp and paper industry to meet the specific needs of a firm tasked with conducting an on-site assessment of the environmental performance of a paper mill. 

Just as in textile and footwear production, there are numerous critical elements that must be taken into consideration in an assessment of the environmental performance of the paper products supply chain, from raw material to the manufacture of the paper.  

Eurofins | AQM customised the training course to help the firm prepare for the site visit, with a focus on:

  • Explaining the scope and key points of an environmental assessment of a production site 

  • Identifying the specific environmental challenges facing pulp and paper mills

  • Creating a checklist for paper mill environmental assessments covering three areas: environmental management systems, wood traceability systems, and the environmental performance of the pulp mills supplying paper mills.

The training course gave participants the practical knowledge required to assess key aspects of the environmental performance of a production site, as well as an understanding of what to check for during an on-site visit, and which documents to request from factories. 

Taking lessons learned from the textile and footwear industries in the identification of environmental challenges, Eurofins | AQM helped its client map out the critical environmental concerns arising from the pulp and paper industry, including deforestation, hazardous chemicals usage, and high levels of water consumption. 

Using these findings, Eurofins | AQM assisted in the development of a tailored environmental assessment checklist with a focus on chemical control and water management. As almost 70% of the environmental pollution in the paper supply chain occurs at the pulp mill stage, the checklist covers not only the paper mill but also the mills supplying the pulp.

For many fashion brands and retailers, contact with the supply chain does not go beyond tier one suppliers. The same is true of the pulp and paper industry. To further safeguard the supply chain and minimise the risk of illegal deforestation, Eurofins | AQM designed the checklist to cover wood traceability. 

‘Environmental assessments are essential in minimising environmental footprints and mitigating risks across many different industries,’ said Francesca Giometti, Senior Environmental Advisor and Training Manager from Eurofins | AQM. ‘In this case, we were able to take what we have learned from our extensive experience in textiles and footwear to give our customer the skills and knowledge required to assess the environmental performance of the paper mill, and we are delighted to hear that the assessment has been completed successfully. Thanks to our training, the firm was able to make precise observations and offer practical recommendations to the mill.'