Receive a technical and social evaluation of your suppliers


A failure of a supplier can generate a financial risk, as well as a risk of bad image. It is therefore essential that players in the textile industry are able to anticipate this. To help its customers unmask their suppliers’ weaknesses, Eurofins | AQM has developed a large panel of technical, social and security audits. This way, the areas of improvement are detected and the business relationship can be envisaged serenely. 

Our Solutions

Our team of auditors spends between one and four days in the factory, in order to give you a precise and detailed view of the infrastructure and social conditions of your supplier’s premises.

Social Audit

The Eurofins | AQM "Social & fire safety audit" reference guide, can be broken down into a "Social, Occupational Health & Fire Safety (OHFS)” audit, and a "Social & quality management” audit. The first gives a complete and extensive view of security compliance and respect of current social standards in the country, whereas the second offers a service adapted to customers who wish to have a more global view of social conditions and production tools. To ensure complete professionalism, Eurofins | AQM auditors who conduct social audits are accredited under SA8000 standards; follow internal training provided by our audit manager and are regularly evaluated on their knowledge, using e-learning tools.


Eurofins | AQM’s work in the field of social audit is approved by ICS accreditation and amfori BSCI.

Technical Audit

The technical audit will reveal the organisational structure of the factory, its production capacity and quality management system. The production conditions and performance can therefore be assessed, thanks to the evaluation of more than 50 criteria.


With the help of a large choice of reference guides such as the "Textile factory overview audit", the "Textile & quality management audit" or even the "Textile production capacity audit", Eurofins | AQM has without doubt, the most adapted solution for your needs.


Have you decided to stop working with a supplier? Eurofins | AQM also offers a "Stop Work Audit", allowing you to ensure the latter no longer has any of the elements relating to your brand, thus guaranteeing your industrial property rights.

Your Benefits

Secure your purchase

Reduce the risk of non-compliance by ensuring you will be working with an experienced factory, equipped with a real quality management system.

Receive additional guarantees

Evaluate your supplier’s production ability, and be assured that he will not outsource all or part of the production of your merchandise and that he will respect the delivery deadline.

Rectify your supplier’s weaknesses

Perpetuate the relationship with your supplier and give him a sense of responsibility, by proposing a plan of remedial action to make up for any discrepancies found.

Maintain your image

Maintain your image by ensuring your partner’s social responsibility and his respect of local regulations.

Gain legitimacy

Confirm the seriousness of your offer and reassure your supplier of the loyalty of your company.

Be sure of your choice

Audit several suppliers and select the one who will work alongside you, prior to committing yourself financially.

Our edges

Textile expert

Since 2005, Eurofins | AQM has acquired a perfect knowledge of textile suppliers’ processes and necessary pre-requisites, in order to guarantee a production compliant with the customer’s expectations and respectful o f local regulations.

The entire factory is then fairly and precisely evaluated by a qualified textile auditor.

Regarding social audits, our auditors have been trained to audit in all type of industry.


Exchanges with associates in the factory are facilitated thanks to auditors who master the local language. A relationship of trust can then be established, ensuring the information acquired is more reliable.

The information collected is presented in the report, in order to supply a global and detailed view of the supplier, from a social and technical point of view.


Because it is based at the heart of the country of production, close to suppliers, 

Eurofins | AQM has acquired a good understanding of the local context, allowing pertinent and coherent audits to be conducted with regard to international labor laws, as well as any local peculiarities.


The audit is conducted according to the customer’s specific needs and consistent with their problems. Greater care can then be taken with regard to certain analytical criteria, in order to meet the customer’s expectations. The AQM auditors advise and accompany the customer for a customized service.

Your Questions

When should the audit take place?

Conduct your first audit prior to the beginning of each business relationship, in order to lay the foundations of a good partnership and assess in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of your future supplier.

You can then conduct additional audits each year, to unmask the points that need improving and put in place the appropriate remedial action.

How do I book the audit?

You can simply book our services via email, by phone or directly online.

A qualified auditor will contact you in order to define your needs and meet your expectations.

Do I need to warn the factory of your visit?

There are several possible solutions.


In the case of an “announced” audit, the supplier is forewarned by AQM and by the customer, of the date of the evaluation.


In the case of a “semi-announced” audit, the supplier is informed by AQM, and by the customer, that an audit will take place within a certain timeframe.


In the case of an “un-announced” audit, the supplier is unaware of the arrival of AQM inspectors. In this case, it is better if the customer gives us power of attorney, to allow the team to enter the factory.

Social audit –What are you going to monitor?

A qualified auditor determines whether or not the supplier respects the standards linked to the company’s corporate responsibility. These standards are founded on the principles of the International Labour Organisation and that of the local labour laws.

Criteria evaluated:

Child labour,

Forced labour,



Working time…

Technical audit –What are you going to monitor?

A qualified auditor will integrate the factory’s teams during one or more days (according to the size of the installations), in order to give you a precise and detailed view of your supplier’s infrastructure and quality of management.


Criteria evaluated:


Quality management,

Quality of the production equipment,

Respect for safety conditions...

What am I going to receive?

A detailed report will be sent to you within 48 hours via email, covering each of the social and technical points evaluated in the results.

The report will contain numerous photographs for true transparency and a real appreciation of your supplier’s aptitude to work with your company.