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At Eurofins | AQM, we understand the need for brands and factories in keeping up with fast-pace changes in the textile industry. We offer regular training on the latest trends in the  supply chain to help our customers building up competency of their own team, or their suppliers. Training can be delivered in classroom format, on-site, or online.
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Why train with us?

Our trainers own a wealth of capabilities and experience in the industry with positions  

Geographical convenience, as our trainers are located in key sites (China, South Asia and Europe) to deliver training on global trends in local languages

Small-class teaching (maximum of 15 people) to guarantee quality

Flexible teaching modes (classroom, on-site and online) to best suit you and your suppliers’ needs

See what our clients say about us!

“One of the elements that makes all Eurofins | AQM trainings so interesting and useful for me, is the practical perspective they apply in all courses. They bring to their clients very valuable ’ground’ knowledge.”

Tendam (Spain) Headquarters

“I found that real examples presented during the training are really useful and practical. The whole training gave me a total understanding of the process of the environmental audit.”

LizyBiz (France) Shanghai Office

“Eurofins | AQM courses are very useful and practical. In a few hours, I gained a lot of knowledge in chemical management for wet processing, which is a very critical part in the textile industry. The trainings are developed with real cases and field experience from Eurofins | AQM experts, which give all the participants actionable take-away after the workshops. I highly appreciate the commitment and professionalism of Eurofins | AQM in their training courses!”

Pepe Jeans Madrid Headquarters

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