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Free webinars in April

At Eurofins | AQM, we understand that optimising the strength of your talent and team is key to propelling growth of your business. This September, we have prepared a series of virtual training events on environmental subjects that will equip every participant with the practical knowledge they need to reach the environmental and sustainability goals of their companies and organisations.

Participants will benefit from a 2-hour virtual lesson and live QA with an experienced Eurofins trainer. After the training, participants will take an online examination to evaluate their knowledge and understanding of the topic. Upon passing the quiz, participants will be awarded with a digital completion certification. All training materials from the course can also be downloaded.

The course fee is 140 usd per person. A special offer of 350 usd for 3 virtual courses is also available per person! We also offer bulk purchase and group access. Just talk to us!

Who should attend the training?

  • Management of textile factories, suppliers, vendors, brands or retailers 

  • Compliance/ CSR/ EHS/ Chemical In-charge in organisations in the textiles and footwear industry 

  • Students of fashion or design 

  • Anyone interested in gaining insights in this area 

Why learn with us?

  • Our trainers possess significant field experience and an academic background in all chemical and environmental aspects of business.

  • Small-size virtual classes guarantee engagement opportunities and QA. 

  • Online networking opportunities with peers and relevant practitioners. 

  • Optimised virtual learning schedule to meet demands of hectic schedules and enable more effective learning

  • Unlimited access to training materials, recordings and examination material for participants.

15 Sep | 10:00am (CET) - Part 1

16 Sep | 10:00am (CET) - Part 2

Chemical Management System in the Factory - Part 1 & Part 2

These two virtual training sessions, which last 2 hours each, are designed specifically for practitioners in the textile industry who are responsible for implementing chemical management and environmental and social risk mitigation. Given the heavy consumption of chemicals in the textile industry, proper and effective chemical management systems are a key compliance priority for every textile company.

Training scope

Part 1

  1. Understanding the roles and responsibilities within a factory in terms of managing chemicals

  2. Understanding how to set up a policy for purchasing chemicals and controlling restricted substance use

  3. Identifying the key Chemical Management System (CMS) procedures and records which must be maintained

Part 2

  4. Understanding the key requirements for proper storage, handling and disposal of chemicals

  5. Understanding the importance of chemical incident emergency preparedness

22 Sep | 10:00am (CET) 

Environmental Management System (EMS) and overview of environmental laws in production countries 

This virtual training is designed for fashion and apparel / retail buyers and merchandisers, sourcing teams, quality teams and CSR teams who are assessing and developing environmental risk management in their supply chain, and are looking to identify clear priority actions that can be taken at the production site level. During this course, the focus will be on the key priorities when implementing an Environmental Management System and the course will outline the common legal requirements in terms of environmental protection in the major textiles production countries. 

Training scope 

  1. Management commitment and key management roles and tasks relating to EMS

  2. Development and monitoring of environmental policies, objectives and action plans 

  3. Internal training, communication and performance monitoring related to EMS

  4. Legal compliance monitoring systems and an overview of the main environmental legal requirements in the largest textile production countries


23 Sep | 10:00am (CET) 

Environmental compliance in the factory: natural resource management and pollution control measures

In this course, the focus will be on the priorities in order to properly manage natural resources at a site (water and energy) and the control measures necessary to reduce potential environmental impacts from a site’s outputs (waste, wastewater & emissions to air). 

Training scope 

  1. Water and energy: consumption monitoring system, analysis of data and resource conservation plan

  2. Key requirements for solid waste: inventory, temporary storage on-site, final disposal monitoring systems

  3. Key requirements for wastewater: volume monitoring, effluent treatment plant process efficiency, water testing, etc.

  4. Key requirements for emissions to air: identification of sources, emissions to air testing, GHG emissions, etc. 

24 Sep | 10:00am (CET) 

Responsible buying practices: Toolkit for buyers and concrete actions to engage suppliers

This virtual training is designed for those in the textile and retail industry who are looking for an advanced understanding as to how to challenge their current purchasing practices to be more consistent with their company’s CSR and sourcing strategy. This training showcases concrete examples of tools that can be used by buyers to allow them to better select and support their suppliers. 

Training scope 

This course will provide participants with a clear picture of what “responsible buying” really means, and share practical guidance in terms of: 

1)    How to select a factory based on social and environmental requirements? 
2)    What solutions are available to support factories to make social and environmental improvements? 
3)    What are the tools you can use to be a responsible buyer?