Workplace Health Solutions for COVID-19

We understand the urgency for factories to resume production as safely and quickly as possible. Our Workspace Health Solutions for COVID-19 is designed to offer effective assurance to factories on the health and safety precautions which are critical to resuming operations in a timely and safe manner. The Solution consists of two services – Online Course with Self-assessment Toolbox and On-site Assessment. 

On-site Assessment 

We have prepared an On-site Assessment standard that evaluates whether a factory is prepared for production resumption, based on six aspects.


  1. Readiness for reopening and legal compliance

  2. Infection disease preparedness and response plan

  3. Implementation of preventive measures and workplace controls

  4. Policies and procedures if any employee is suspected to be infected

  5. Employee awareness and training

  6. Business continuity plan

Online Course with Self-assessment Toolbox

The online course has been developed based on our strong expertise in training and our in-depth understanding of the factory environment. Upon successful completion of the 12 training chapters and related quizzes, participants will receive a certificate.

Self-assessment Toolbox is included in the Online Course. Participants of the Online Course will receive the Self-assessment Toolbox that they can implement immediately.

health online course.png

The Workplace Health Solutions for COVID-19 has been developed by our experts to support factories to get back to work in a healthy and safe environment:

  • The solution is a comprehensive and pragmatic approach that gives instant support and addresses the direct concerns of factories.

  • We have over 15 years’ experience in training and auditing of workplaces with specific knowledge of the manufacturing environment, enabling us to develop a service tailored to the specific needs to factories.

  • The services are available online and offline, allowing for greater flexibility and adapting to different business needs.

Eurofins Assurance offers SAFER@WORK programme, delivering a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services including online training, on-site audit, protocol/ SOP review to help every business returning to work safely, effectively and quickly. Learn more at